Wish List

If you are still looking for a way you can help consider making a donation of materials to the camp. Here is the current list of items needed at Pilgrim Heights:

Velbon Tripod 6 Wooden Posts Crayons
Gas Post Hole Digger Lighters Acrylic Paint
Red Scarves Wood Sealer/Foam Brushes Tempra Paint
Hand Tools 8x11 Copy Paper Clothes Pins
Tiller - walk behind First Class Postage Stamps Borax
Horse Shoes (regular or kids) Binoculars Work Gloves
Tape (masking & Electrical) Yarn Parchment Paper
Colored Band-aids Paper Clips Air-Dry Clay
Colored Leather Cord Box O'Rags Fishing Line
Glue Bottles/Glue Sticks Tie - Dye Supplies Floor Lamps
Paper Bags Sticky Notes Glow Sticks
Epsom Salts Corn Starch Landscape Edging
Barbasol Embroidery Floss Blue Beads
Duct Tape (various colors) Plaster of Paris Digital Cameras
Liquid Butterfly Solution Rocks (sorting/painting) Mod-Podge
Potassium Chloride Regular or Trick Birthday Candles Red or Orange Push Pins
Hula Hoops Dark Construction Paper Plastic Eggs
White Material White Bandannas Post Cards
Black Pipe Cleaners Yellow or Green Craft Foam Sheets Graph Paper
Balloons Plastic Lids - 4" or larger Old CDs or DVDs
Tarps (all sizes) Red, Yellow or Orange Crepe Paper Hand Mirrors
Shoe Boxes Kites Wrapping Paper
White Pillow Cases Baby Food Jars Straws
Microwave Pyrex Cookware

DVD Player

Coffee mugs Floor mats for entry ways Skillets/Pans (non teflon)
Para cord - all colors