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Privacy Policy

PilgrimHeights.org is copyrighted by and maintained by Pilgrim Heights Retreat Center (PHRC) of Our Sacred Space Inc. PilgrimHeights.org is the intellectual property of Pilgrim Heights Retreat Center and contents therein should not be copied or reproduced without written permission from Pilgrim Heights Retreat Center - including but not limited to all text, graphics, programming and code. This permission can and will be granted given appropriate usage in interest of Pilgrim Heights Retreat Center. (In some cases, specially designed resources on PilgrimHeights.org are available for predefined use. Consult actual page text for prescribed usage.) Please contact us for more information.

Privacy Policy

PilgrimHeights.org occasionally may require the submission of certain personal information including but not limited to Name, E-Mail Address and Payment Information. This information will only be used in it's pre-defined way, and is therefore considered confidential. No personal information provided by users on PilgrimHeights.org will be shared with the public without warrant.

Voluntary Submissions

On occasion, PilgrimHeights.org invites voluntary information such as comments. Anything submitted to PilgrimHeights.org by these terms immediately becomes the intellectual property of Pilgrim Heights Retreat Center.

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