Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide sacred space in nature where groups and individuals of all ages are offered opportunities to:

  • Experience the presence of creation
  • Discover personal wholeness
  • Participate in community 
  • Environmental interaction, 
  • Educational activities, 
  • Spiritual renewal, 
  • and Relationship building

Our Values:

Safety – emotional, physical, and spiritual

Fiscal Responsibility

Stewardship of Nature

Creation of Sacred Space

Our History

For 50+ years Pilgrim Heights Retreat Center was owned by the Iowa Conference of the United Church of Christ; but as of October, 2007, operations were transitioned to Our Sacred Space, Inc.

In October 2007, Our Sacred Space, Inc. (OSSI) a 501c3 non-profit organization, was born of the need to successfully build and manage the camp and retreat programming facilitated through Pilgrim Heights Camp & Retreat Center in Montour, IA.  In January of 2008 the management of the facility was transitioned from the IA Conference UCC to OSSI.  See Agreement below.

OSSI maintains a strong convenantal affliation with the Iowa Coference of the United Church of Christ and the UCC congregations throughout the state.

  • 51% of Board Members UCC
  • 2 Board Members appointed at Annual Meeting of the IA Conf. UCC

Transition Agreement

Below is a link to the Final Transition Agreement between the Iowa Conference of the United Church of Christ and Our Sacred Space, Inc.